Learning Cars Educational Games for Preschool Kids App Recensioni


My son likes to put out the fires and collect the fruit from the trees.

Very interactive

3 yo loves this

Very nice

Absolutely cool app


This game is amazing for kids.


It's ok like most "free" games pay to play more than one feature.

Good game


Very cute!

Cute game

Good game

Our son enjoys it


My two year old loves playing this!

Kid approve

My 2.5 year old son loves this game.



Kids love it

My son loves it.

Good for 2 yo

Entertains my son since he is very into fire trucks!

Junk/crap wkop

Awful. Need to write a review for continue on with the game, however you have to have a unique name or you the app will make you start the app review over.

Great for tots!

My daughter loves the games!

Good app

My son likes it and keeps him entertained


Easy to use. My 2.5 yr old loves it. Doesn't sound annoying like games can

Great game for young ones

My grandson loves this game.

Its great

The free version it's great, so l bet the paid version it's even better.

Love it

My littles love it.

Fun game

My three yr old just loves this game


We were incentived to get a free truck unlocked. My 5 year old daughter likes the game. It is harder for my 2 year old son who loves cars and trucks. There are quite a few ads but it is decent for a free game.

4 yr old loves it

My 4 yr old loves this game.

It's ok

I think it could be better by having more than 4 vehicles


Great for 3 year old, loves it

Great app

My son loves this app!

Audio issues

It looks like a really cute app, but the audio was garbled and broken up. I uninstalled and reinstalled x 2 with no change. Grandson wanted to play it so bad I reinstalled a 3rd time and now audio seems okay...so fingers crossed it stays that way.

Great app

My grandson love it!

It's ok

Not our favorite Two year old gets frustrated sometimes.


Great game!


Nothing works thank you for stealing my money and ruining my grandson’s day!

2yo fun

Such a fun and easy game to play! Little one enjoys it.

Fun app for my 3 y.o girl

My 3 year old daughter loves this app. It's fun for her and keeps her brain working.

Great game

One of the greatest learning games

Fun game

This is a fun game

He love s it


Good game

Good game, wish it had more free games

Love it

My one of year olds favorite

Good app

Not quite stem, but some good concepts

Loves it!!

My 2 year old loves this game!!


Great game for toddler

Challenging but good

I was playing game to try it out before I buy for my son. The fire extinguishing game is a bit tough.


My 3 yr old loves it.


It's an alright game, pretty simple, the two year old I'm babysitting for had no problem solving it.



Love the fruit trees!

What a great app!

Learning cars

Great learning app for my 2yrold


Great app!

Love it

Love it

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