Learning Cars Educational Games for Preschool Kids App Reviews

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Great app

Great app

Love the app

Great app for kids


Fun game

Good Stuff!

Very interesting!Kid loves it!

Good game

Cool game. Very entertaining for my three year old so he plays this and im able to get stuff done for an hour. I love it

nice app

nice app


My 4 year old likes this game because it has a variety of cars for him to play with

Kids love it

My kids love this game. They play it for hours. Thank you 22learn, all of your games are fantastic



Son loves it!

Great app


Loves it

My boy

He likes this app

Fun app for kids who love vehicles

This is a great app for children who love all things cars and trucks AND solving problems.

Good app for kids

Good app my son really enjoy it

4y old loves it!

My 4y old son loves it. Keeps him very entertained.


My 3 year old loves this app!


My grandson loves big trucks. He enjoys exploring the trucks and doing the activities in this game.

We love it!!

My son adores this game!!!!

Grandson loves it

He's stealing the iPad away so he can play more. He loves trucks.


Lily really enjoys this game.

Great game

My 3 year old loves this game and the trucks

Good ap for my kid!!



It's good not great. A little. Boring

Great app

Nice for kids

Kids love this!!!

Awesome app!! Great learning tool!! Always entertains them for hours and very educational even the baby loves it!!

My child is addicted!

My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves this game. She's literally addicted to it! It's so easy for her to use. She's learnt so many new cars and her co-ordination skills have improved tremendously

Super Nice

My son is totally in love with the app. It is so entertaining for him and it teaches so much things easily meanwhile he is playing.

Good game

This game is so funny. It is so very cute . This is suitable to children. Mothers and fathers should download this game for the playing time with your kids.

So awesome

The app seems to be a good alternative way to entertain for my son. I think it’s really useful and good for children’s development

It's really helpful

I have a son, my'son is 3 age, it's very like this app, this app is great interface and easy to use, stimulate the brain. I'm happy about it

Hours of fun!

My 4yr old loves this app! Cars and trucks are his favorite! I normally don't let him play with my phone but this app is easy for him to navigate on his own. He really enjoys it and so do I!

Amazing game!

This game is great, deffinitely one of my favourite game for kids. It's so educational, it's very colorful and the idea is great! It's a simple, easy to understand game but still so much helpful for kids! The kids love it.

Great app

I have downloaded and use it easily. applications run fast, beautiful interface, easy to use. my kids enjoyed it. I think this is a great app for kids. I love it. thanks!

Good for kids

One of the best apps I’ve ever known. The app is a good way for kids to play as well as learn. They can practice making their mindsets faster. I assure that your children will love the app, try this free app.

Fun game

This is a great app for kids and contains a lot of different cars. Graphics are great and easy to play. It's a learning app but they have so much fun with it!!

This app is good for children

Of course it doesn’t rack children’s brains. All the games really make my children laugh much. And they also like the effects of sound, too


Nice educational game for kids. My toddler absolutely loves it!!!

good app

Study in a vibrant, multi-dimensional world that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem solving.


This game is very fun and great. My children played game every day. They very like this game. Thank you.


This app is so great. i am really like this. thank you developers!!!

Good app

I like this app. I will open it every morning, and will introduce to many people. thank you very much

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